(after Renzo Celani, Dr. Shabir Pandor and Nicole Pechmann)

A way into an almost drug-free medicine

Light-Kinesiology is an independent and coherent system that describes a milestone on the way to a drug-free medicine.

Over the last few years, it has been confirmed, that people seeking help with this system feel significantly more energized after reducing the regulation-limiting factors, and gain more quality of life and enjoyment.  Immediately after or even during light-kinesiological treatment, the patient often feels much fresher, more alert and more relaxed. Likewise, they may be measurably younger, as has been shown in various tests (for example in the HRV).

Light-Kinesiology may be used in both chronic and acute conditions, and is not restricted to any age limit.

Light-Kinesiology resulted from the work with  Biophoton-Realignment-Mirrors. The "mirrors" are a tool used in this method, because it is the coherent, meaningful, successive treatment process that makes up Light-Kinesiology.

Our goal is to help the patient in one session as best as we can without having to follow extensive treatment protocols afterwards. At the end of the treatment, we focus on the use of binders to easily and safely release potentially released toxins.

What can one expect from Light-Kinesiology?

This is a method by which we can examine, using the specific kinesiological muscle tests, where regulation-limiting factors such as blockages, mental and physical stress, pollution by toxins of various kinds, sabotage programs, etc. can be found. We work almost exclusively in the light body of the human being. That means, in the energy field of the person seeking help. The stress or the blockages, be they mental or physical, are resolved directly or at least greatly reduced.

The relief from the de-stressing of the so-called electrosmog has a very important role here for the success of the treatment.

According to measurements carried out by Prof. Fritz Albert Popp, cells communicate with coherent light, while diseased tissue has an increased disorderly, incoherent light emission.

The body of the person seeking help is ‘informed’ during a treatment with ordered light, because the more that is produced by the person, the better the communication works as a whole. An incoherent system is thus "positively infected with linearity, polarization, and coherence" and thereby stimulated to function better again.

The secret of highest effectiveness (ie maximum amplification) and highest efficiency (that is minimal losses) is what physics calls coherence, and that's what we strive for in Light-Kinesiology.

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